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Featured Business of the Month - Keller Packaging of Napoleon

At Keller Packaging, they have established quite the reputation for hard work and flexibility in meeting customers' repackaging requirements and schedules. Attention to detail and attaining the highest quality standards have become a way of life for them.  From receipt of product, to any repackaging needs, to storage and distribution, Keller Packaging is there for you.


Their machines allow Keller to repackage cans or bottles with - or without - pads or cartons, and process the product into 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 or 24 packs. They can run pre-printed film, clear film, 2UP pre-printed film, or enclosed box gluing.  Some of their other current products includes EADs (end aisle displays), shipper displays, and products for Amazon.  If you have products that need rework or labeling, Keller Packaging can do that too, with all FDA and USDA required tracking!

At Keller Packaging, they will receive your product into a certified food grade warehouse. They can then repackage your product using production machines and highly skilled employees, and then store it in their warehouse and ship it using assets at Keller Trucking or your designated carrier. Keller's warehouse is FDA and USDA certified, and utilizes bulk and rack storage along with their WMS system, which includes bar code scanning.


Their packaging machines include a Zambelli, a Dimac, 3 Arpac clear film machines, an L-Bar and enclosed box gluing machine.  This is in addition to all hand packing services.  These assets make Keller Packaging an ideal solutions provider for many situations, including discount and bonus packs, multi-packs or warehouse club packs, or any other promotional packaging, as well as shippers and end aisle displays.

The Zambelli machine offers variable speed, tray packing and shrink wrapping packaging capabilities.  In addition, it can run 2UP pre-printed film, meaning double the output and faster packaging turnaround times.  Keller's Dimac machine can repackage bottles, pharmaceuticals, or jars on pre-printed film that gets shrink wrapped as it goes through the machine.  Their 3 Arpac machines can be used to repackage your product with clear film, protecting it from damage while still displaying the product to end consumers.  And their L-Bar machine has three sealing sides to efficiently seal and cut centerfold shrink wrap in one motion, producing a tight yet transparent overwrap for clear product presentation.


When you entrust your products with Keller Packaging, they understand the importance of maintaining your integrity and quality.  With designated areas for storage, conversion, and finished products, Keller customers rest easy knowing their products are secure within their spacious and modern facility.


In fact, Keller Packaging has just finished a $5 Million, 195,000 square foot expansion on their 40 acres in Napoleon.


Their Napoleon location gives them the ability to efficiently service all customers in a timely fashion. Conveniently located in northwest Ohio, Keller Packaging is positioned to ship finished product to almost 40% of the United States population within one day of legal semi-truck driving.  Their location is ideal with easy access to I-75 and I-80/I-90.


Keller Logistics Group along with its affiliates Keller Trucking, Keller Freight Solutions, Keller Warehousing & Distribution and Keller Packaging illustrate their commitment to you by stating the following in their Brand Promise...


"At Keller we take blue very seriously.

We are "Your True Blue Logistics Crew" and as defined by Webster himself; we will demonstrate allegiance to our valuable customers everyday being steadfast in ourcommitment to be dependable in both our service and our communications. We are the action behind the adjective and devoted to total customer satisfaction."


Find out more about Keller Packaging of Napoleon by calling (419) 592-2236.  Their warehouse is located at P314 County Road 12 Napoleon.

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