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Featured Business of the Month - Dawn Bischoff Independent Pampered Chef Consultant

The Pampered Chef® is the premier direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. At in-home Cooking Shows, guests see and try products, prepare and sample recipes, learn quick and easy food preparation techniques and get tips on how to entertain with style and ease - transforming the everyday into the extraordinary. 

Dawn Bischoff is a local consultant for Pampered Chef here in Henry County.

Dawn started her career with Pampered Chef in December 2005. She originally started to gain some extra money for when their oldest daughter went off to college in August of 2006. It has now been almost 10 years and she is still doing it.  Now, both of their girls are out of college and Dawn still LOVES these products.  She's quick to tell people, "Pampered Chef makes life in the kitchen, quick, fun, easy and we also have entertaining pieces also."

Dawn truly loves helping people find the items that make your time in the kitchen very fun and easy. Pampered Chef has a variety of shows to offer.  The traditional show is the in-home cooking show.  Dawn will come to your home and show you and some friends how to use many of their products and she also makes a couple of recipes in front of you and your guests.  Dawn also offers catalog shows.  With both of these options you can earn many products for FREE, 60% off and 50% off to add to your collection. 

A special part of Dawn's work involves doing fundraisers the last couple of years. "I give everyone in the organization a catalog and some outside order forms and you go out and collect orders.  Depending on the sales - your organization will get "FROM ME" 20%-25% (my commission).  This comes directly from me and NOT Pampered Chef," Dawn explained.  "This has gone over very well as people are always willing to help out an organization or school and it is a worthwhile product for them to purchase for themselves.  I have done several fundraisers but two that have been really exciting to do were St. Augustine School and St. Paul's Eighth Graders.  With both these organizations, in the end, I was able to turn over to the schools a check for over $1200.00 each.  I was excited to help them out and they were excited with such a great response."

Dawn also does an annual show, in April, for a lady involved in a Cancer walk every year.  "She has family and friends into her home and we do the traditional show and she walks away with a check to turn over to the American Cancer Society.  She and her friends have lots of fun while earning money for a great cause."

She also sets up at many vendor events to raise money for different organizations.  She will take cash and carry with her, but will also take orders while she is there.

One of the things Dawn hears often from people? "Oh its "I need that hamburger thingy".  I say "oh yes our Mix n Chop"  and they say "yes I love that thing and I want to get it for...."  It has been a great Stocking Stuffer for years."

She also does Bridal Showers. "What a great way to go to a shower and not have to purchase a gift ahead of time, wrap it and carry it in to the shower.  You come and shop for the bride and groom, and yourself...and then the new couple gets all the show benefits.  It's awesome!"

Dawn welcomes anyone to call, text, or email her with any questions you may have about Pampered Chef Products.  Remember they make a GREAT gift.  Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Graduations, Showers, Weddings.

Contact Dawn Bischoff - your independent Pampered Chef Consultant at (419) 966-1313 or email her at dawnbischoff83@gmail.com


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